Is online promotion important?

Online promotion is a factor used to inform, influence and persuade the online market to view, accept and buy the company’s products, services, or ideas. This is the most important element of marketing mix, but others are too very important: the product should be inovative, the price should be real and the distribution place ought to be chose strategically.
Companies and individuals who promote their businesses on the internet are trying to overcome potential customers’ natural resistance toward their market offerings by maintaining a good communication process with the online market. They are using these tools: online publicity, advertising, online personal selling and online sales promotion to inform the consumers in a persuasive manner that ultimatelly will lead to the active purchasing of company’s products and services.
Many companies nowadays are going online are try to improve their online presence through different SEO techniques, but the intensification of competition has place tremendous pressures on the online promotional programs, being very difficult to be on top. So in order to attract and retain online customers and become an important piece in the puzzle, a firm must have a good and certified online promotional program. Online marketing specialists are hired to do this job. I am one of those specialists!


Business promotion is important

Having a business nowadays is too common, but not that easy- that’s if you don’t know how to promote it correctly. Promotion is an essential component in the marketing mix. Small and large businesses use this tool to inform, sway and remind customers about the services and the products they have to offer. Without a good promotion, the company’s good grownth would be affected quite bad.
Promotion allows businesses to target consumers using various forms of media proficiencies and strategies to capture their attention. It delivers an informal or formal message to consumers throught Tv, radio, mass-media or internet.
There are 2 main strategies for promotion: pull strategy and push strategy. The first one focuses on promoting a product in a manner that it encourages the consumer to make the purchase of the product or the service. As examples we have coupons, referrals and customer loyalty programs. On the other hand, the push strategy focuses on getting the product directly to the customer in order for a direct purchase. Examples include point-of-purchase displays, packaging design and promotions at trade show events.
The major advantages of a good business promotion are:
– customers are informed about the product
– it grow’s the company’s image
– observing the consumer’s behaviour in order to develop better segment penetration strategies
– new products can be reintroduced on the market under different circumstances and various new ways
– and of course sales increases
As a conclusion, business promotion in more than important, also in the business to business domains and as a newspaper business. Starting a business or how to start a business ideas will be found in future posts.


Is your business important?

Hi there. This is my first post on this blog. Throught this blog I want to help improving your business throught internet marketing and good tips that can help you business grow. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask.


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